Who is André Myette?

André Myette is a Canadian born and raised graphic designer, independent artist and writer. His first published work is 'Humbug!' a graphic novel about the further adventures of Ebeneezer Scrooge in a steam-punk inspired London it was followed by 'Horseshoes& Hand Grenades' a black and white series of self contained stories. André currently resides in Truro, Nova Scotia with his fianceé Jennifer, and three cats Presley, Klaatu and Lebowski.




 Affirmative Reactions is a comedic look at the worlds events through the eyes of two racial different young men. André Myette & Justin Morton are two friends who love to sit around and hash out the differences towards their two respected “races” and have brought those fun and irreverent conversations to you and the internet! *Explicit Language*

Tune in each week for a brand new edition or find us on iTunes! Check out all the episodes HERE!

The EndlessPodcast

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Ironically enough this podcast has since ended, it was a lot of fun while it lasted. All 28 episodes are here so that you can listen and enjoy!

Ever sit aroundwith friends ridiculously debating who would win in a fight between Superman and a really cheesed-off Hulk? Ever passionately argue the ramifications DC’s ‘New 52’ is having on the comics world?

All 28 Episodes HERE!