Who is André Myette?

André Myette is a Canadian born and raised graphic designer, independent artist and writer. His first published work is 'Humbug!' a graphic novel about the further adventures of Ebeneezer Scrooge in a steam-punk inspired London it was followed by 'Horseshoes& Hand Grenades' a black and white series of self contained stories. André currently resides in Truro, Nova Scotia with his fianceé Jennifer, and three cats Presley, Klaatu and Lebowski.

It Came From The Bargain Bin – Episode 6

It’s time for Episode 6 of the comedic review podcast in which André and Daniel watch the worst that B Movie Cinema has to offer and review with hillarious results! This weeks offering is Slipstream! A long forgotton film that was meant to be a huge hit but fell flatter then anyone could have possibly guessed Afterwards the terrible twosome discuss such recent films as Passengers and tell some hillarious stories involving a friend of André’s personnel run in with William Shatner?


An adventurer frees a prisoner from a lawman of the future, on an Earth washed by a river of wind.

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